Posted by: Rob | January 13, 2007

First framed print hung!

I’ve had this printed for about a month now. Left it to be framed a week ago, picked it up today and wow! I’m so pleased with the result, despite it costing quite a bit (read, a lot), it was worth every penny. Theres a photo of it laid flat on flickr, as well as the original photo.

Want to buy one? (fat chance) However if you do want to then feel free to contact me! heh



  1. that’s a great shot. Very nice subject and composure. Is that digital or film SLR? How tight is the original shot? I’m curious how it would look with the tree slightly off center.

    Also, if you go and check my blog you’d be confused. It’s a poker blog. However, I love photography, got here through blogexplosion. My father teaches photography also. Figured I’d explain before you got there and were lost.

    Anyway, very nice shot!

  2. Digital – canon 400D. Yeah lots of people asked the same question about the centering, i kinda figured i’d gi against what’s becoming the norm of off-centering everything and have it bang in the middle. That is exactly the original shot. No cropping. Thanks for the compliments!

  3. You’re quite welcome. You would be surprised who would be willing to buy a print. What do you do for a living? You just need to get the exposure. For instance, my dad has a habit of shooting hummingbirds during the summer, and this past summer had a few really nice shots. He had one printed 11×14 (maybe larger, I don’t remember) for a little over $1 at Sam’s. We bought him one of those giant Epson photo printers that makes prints that big, but it’s hard to justify the ink prices when Sam’s did it for $1.36 total.

    He brought it to school to frame it and a few of his coworkers noticed it, and asked what he’d charge for a print. He made his first sale the next day for $50+the cost of the frame the person wanted. Not bad for a $1 print.

    As far as the centering goes, I think the print looks great. I know how everyone is going off-center, and was just curious how it would look.

  4. Thanks very much! Yeah i do sell them, just havent had the time to advertise really. There’s a link on the sidebar. Am in the middle of exams, add part time work and its fairly hectic! I’m going away snowboarding soon though so hopefully should get some pretty stunning shots!

    I don’t think I could get the same profit with something like this though. At about £100 to print + frame, i’d have to get £5000 to be making the same % profit!! I wish!

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